About Shorts Attack

Since 2002

Launched by interfilm Berlin in March 2002, “Shorts Attack” is a monthly cinema program that is as diverse and surprising as short film itself. Screening at the Babylon cinema in Berlin-Mitte, Shorts Attack celebrated its 100th edition in summer 2010. For each individual program, films are researched and booked from filmmakers and distributors worldwide. Unrivalled in terms of quality, regularity, variety and endurance Shorts Attack’s brilliant thematic programs (featuring an average of 10 films per screening) are unique the world over.


Owing to several cooperations, Shorts Attack on Tour hit the road since March 2011 with screenings all over Germany – limited to the cinemas and locations who do screen.

High Quality

Shorts Attack makes a point of presenting high qualitiy films from extremely different backgrounds and genres, showing shorts from film schools, studios and independent productions that range from live-action and documentary to experimental and animation. Furthermore, Shorts Attack programs embrace country focuses, genre-specific themes, political topics, pure entertainment and rarely seen gems. All foreign language films are screened with English subtitles.


The driving force behind the Shorts Attack vision is to further establish the presence of short film in cinemas everywhere.

Thanks to the filmmakers

Thanks to all filmmakers who take part in the Shorts Attack tour in Germany. Our effort is to bring independend and extraordanary shortsfilms to an audience. Month by month we only can present some films within the thematical focus. There are so many more we do consider. So: It´s great to be able to present some of our favourites. Thanks to be part of the project!

Also thanks to cinema-goers and friends who have encouraged and supported us to date!

Booking programs

Shorts Attack is available for hire by cinemas and event organisers in Germany. Thematic short film programs (featuring approx. 10 films) are international, running time never exceeds 85 minutes. Most of the films got screened at interfilm festivals.

The screening format is DCP or Blu-Ray. Films are uniformly formatted for each program and do not require technical format and sound changes.

Hiring fees are set at a fixed rate according to the size of the cinema or event. Promotional material such as posters, postcards, program stills, program newsletters and press releases are – that´s a lot of work – are available for use.

The Shorts Attack Archive here

Want to screen a short before a feature? Or put together an entirely different short film program? Check out the interfilm short film distribution and sales department for friendly assistance and fantastic films!

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