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Shorts Attack in June 2024

10 films in 85 minutes


The program:

Eat-your-carrots-2022-Laura-Stewart-cp2EAT YOUR CARROTS
Laura Stewart
Canada 2022 – 3 min
The third eye
Is eating carrots really that good for your vision? When a girl eats the orange veggies, an eye grows from her arm, bursting with energy. And it has even more in store for her…


Sharing_d9a362b35d2SHARING (Dzielenie się)     
Natalia Sara Skorupa
Poland 2021
14 min
Life questions
Christmas in Poland with the family. Among other people, the filmmaker asks her aunt, her dad and her grandma how they feel about queer folk.


Gijs Kast
Netherlands 2022
Animation – 2:30 min
Electrifying in black and white: the collaboration between dancer and musician is palpable. If only we were able to experience the film on the cinema screen, with proper sound…


Nasos Gatzoulis
Dänemark / Griechenland USA 2022 – 10 min
The father!
What is it like to grow up with a manipulative, gaslighting, brutal father? Magnus Alexander, a life coach from Copenhagen, speaks openly about the effects of toxic masculinity.


DedeIsDead_fotoska3bDEDE IS DEAD
Philippe Kastner
Czech republic 2023 – 8:30 min
Coping with loss
Death of a beloved pet is a difficult thing to deal with, and even though we try to prepare for it, it always seems to come too soon. This is a story of a boy and his dog Dede, who passes away …


Popo Fan
Germany 2022 – 14 min
Life philosophy
Hegel spoils a hook-up. Philosophy student Ping moved to Germany in the middle of the Covid-19 lockdown. He meets someone online and pays them a visit.


Ressources_Humaines2bHUMAN RESSOURCES
Isaac Wenzeku.a.
France 2023 – 3:30 min
Seriously, who came up with the brilliant idea for „human resources“? At least it’s smart to give 21st-century workers titles that reflect their real treatment under capitalism.


Alireza Kazemipour
Iran 2021 – 15 min
Hairstyle thriller
A woman with a shaved head and a long-haired man meet at the Tehran Morality Police station. Their cars have been confiscated due to their improper Hijab, now they are torn between the politics of their hair.


Kolaj_Collage2KOLAJ [Collage]
Gülce Besen Dilek
Deutschland 2023 – 8:30 min
The way in which we learn to perceive and interpret people and their facial features is also part of our adolescence. Which experiences leave traces on the face and soul?


Dream-on-Leon2DREAM ON LEON
Roger Gariépy
Canada 2022 – 7:30 min
Dreaming dog
Léon, an old dog, has hardly any energy left. Alas, he can still dream: of cyclists he once chased, of great liberation perched on the passenger seat, of sausages and of love.


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