Urban Kicks

Shorts Attack in February 2023

8 films in 85 minutes

The program:

Anne Isensee
Germany 2022
7 min
City observation
Animated cinema for the ears centring on an audio descriptor named Simone, who can’t particularly relate to the film in question.


guard-of-honour2GUARD OF HONOUR  
Edmunds Janson
Latvia 2021
6 min
Guard action
No matter the season, no matter the weather, the honour guard fulfils its task with discipline, watching over the monument of the state.


MurderToungue2MURDER TONGUE 
Ali Sohail Jaura
Pakistan 2022
17:30 min
Urban trap   
Abdul Aziz Ansari sets out to look for his son, only to find that it’s not just his son who is missing – the entire city is missing its long-lost peace. It´s full of political danger.


(La)Horde Ballet National de Marseille
France / USA 2022
8 min
Experimental, Live Action
Museum dance
Electronic-music artist Rone, avant-garde dance collective (La)Horde and Spike Jonze team up to bring an art museum to new life.


Antonin Niclass
England 2021
9 min
Pigeon tale 
At a gloomy bus station in the middle of nowhere: the wastebaskets are overflowing with trash, the cold neon light shines down upon the tired.


New Babylon 1b2NEW BABYLON    
Gideon van der Stelt
Niederlande 2021
21 min
Animation, Live Action
City sciFi
In cyberpunk style, the city of New Babylon, an assemblage of rotating rings, mirrors the individualistic lifestyle of its lonely inhabitants.


Nata Metlukh
Ukraine / USA 2022
5 min
Park styling
In the wildly colourful world of graphic design, fonts are the ultimate stars. Bold makes everything thicker, cursive tilts everything to the right.


the-art-of-authenticity-2021-still3bTHE ART OF AUTHENTICITY
Carlo Oppermann
Germany 2022
6 min
Live Action
Keep Berlin dirty
Grime and smashed glass. I’m happy here, in fact I feel right at home. All thanks to the dedication of the Authority for Urban Authenticity.


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