Travel adventure

Shorts Attack in June 2022

8 films in 90 minutes with German subtitles


Finally cruise again! Or enjoy the balcony on the Riviera! Or go paragliding! Even ruined hotels should be able to be filled again. It gets exciting when you travel with a zombie, polar bears wonder about the behavior of other animals in the jungle, an Italian town experiences a big surprise after an advertising campaign and whoever has a lot of imagination succeeds in a trip into space.

The program:

Markel Redondo
Spain 2019
4 min
Documentary Short
Grotesque of buildings
Today, empty and half-finished buildings still stand as the physical legacy of the global financial crisis of 2008.


Antoine Dupriez u.a.
France 2020
8 min
Polar bears travelling
Two polar bears are driven into exile due to global warming. On their journey, they encounter brown bears with whom they try to coexist.


allinclusive_still_021ALL INCLUSIVE
Corina Schwingruber Ilić
Switzerland 2018
10 min
Documentary Short
Cruise experience
Cruise ships as a conglomeration of the bizarre superlatives of amassed humanity. Fitness studio meets disco, dance competition meets gigantic slide.


Jonas Schloesing
France 2019 – 15:30 min
Balcony vacation
The inhabitants of the Riviera idly while away the afternoon hours in the stifling heat. From his apartment, old Monsieur Henriet has the perfect view of the whole scene.


Dekel Berenson
England / Nepal 2018
15:30 min
Live Action
Among paragliders
At first, Ashmina deals ok with her job in the tourist industry. Then, driven by frustration, she finds bitter-sweet gratification.


Come-a-Mìcono-Still-11LIKE IN MYKONO
Alessandro Porzio
Italy 2020 – 15 min
Live Action
Tourist advertising vision
In a small town in Southern Italy, now inhabited only by elderly citizens, a visionary Mayor has an idea to battle depopulation: a video to promote his town as a tourist destination, following the Greek example.


Hyun-woo Shin
Southkorea 2018
5 min
Animation Short
Fantasy of flying
Childhood dreams and hobbies can take you far, far away: A little girl can easily make it to colourful space!


LastMen_Les_derniers_hommes1THE LAST MEN
Adrien Jeannot
France 2020 – 16 min
Live Action Short
With zombie through the steppe
A man sets off on a quest to confirm whether he is the last of his species. On his journey, he’s pursued by a zombie, who also seems to be the last of his kind.


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