The Kids are alright – english

Shorts Attack in October 2023

8 films in 90 minutes – with German subtitles


A teenager wants to join a youth gang, another steals porn magazines, a girl from the country wants to go to the big city, siblings go on a boat trip and a mother becomes a strong role model. First loves emerge, plans for the future are made, and fast-paced group dynamics develop. Shorts Attack in October celebrates Action Kids!

The program:

Jan-Willem Bult, Annemarie Mooren
Netherlands 2020
5:30 min
Live Action
Boat adventure
Raise anchor and head out into the wild waters: Siblings Nora (5) and Fedor (3) take an exciting boat trip together on the canal behind their house.


Malin Ingrid Johansson
Sweden 2023
13 min
Live Action
Urban seeking
A desire for a different world away from the farm, cows and broken fences guides teenage Madden through the Swedish woods in glittery high heels.


Ashgan El-Hamus
Netherlands 2020
15:30 min
Live Action
Role model Mother
A young mother and her 8-year-old daughter live in a trailer park on the outskirts. Joy’s easy-going parenting style will be tested.


Valéry Carnoy
Belgium / France 2021
19 min
Live Action
Youth Gang
Nathan is thirteen. Egged on by his new friend Malik, he prepares for a strange initiation ritual to join a teenage gang.


Anthony Sneed
USA 2021
5 min
Live Action
A teenager learns a valuable life lesson after he shoplifts and goes out to eat with his mother. What a surprise for him and his mother!


Leandro Goddinho, Paulo Menezes
Deutschland / Bralsilien 2019
14 min
Live Action
First love
Although he enjoys the summer holidays with his friends, Lolo is plagued by lovesickness. Will Max go to the ball with him?


room_with_a_view2bROOM WITH A VIEW
Rone & (La)Horde x Ballet National de Marseille
France 2020
4:30 min
Group dynamik
An ecstatic, wild dance begins with the audience and continues to build momentum until the group of dancers finally becomes one.


Adrien Lhommedieu
France 2021
Live Action
10 min
A young boy is fascinated by ballet but afraid to admit it – until he crosses the path of a professional ballet dancer.



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