The Kids Are Alright (engl.)

Shorts Attack im April 2012

german version

A time of restless turmoil with parents breathing down your neck and nothing but dreams and sawdust in your head: welcome to a stimulating crash course in adolescence!

Kicking-off with a hormonal rollercoaster (One Minute Puberty) and a slugfest between lovers: a woman’s surprise tactics versus her man’s taste in music (Bitch). The Berlinale 2012 winner “Julian” ruminates on Julian Assange’s childhood predicaments, while life serves up some heavy lessons during a seemingly routine train trip (Barbakan – interfilm winner 2011). Communication devices are hip with the kids and their dependence on mobile phones often takes on ridiculously inane proportions (Talks: Kids).

Be grateful for the family you have, but when the oldies get annoying you might just have to take justice into your own hands (Beast). But if it’s the kids that are out of control in your neighbourhood, bad luck old man (Soft – interfilm winner). Thank goodness for Berlin’s model district Neukölln, where courage, passion and powers of assertion are the order of the day (Little Miss Neukölln). – Long live youth!

Das Programm:

Alexander Gellner, Deutschland 2011, Animation, 1:40 min
[ High speed animation ]
All the highlights of puberty told in one minute.



Lilah Vandenburgh, USA 2006, Kurzspielfilm, 15 min
[ Action meet love ]
Love is for losers, and adoring couples make BITCH want to puke razor blades. That is until she meets a guy as antisocial as she is…



Matthew Moore, Australien 2011, Kurzspielfilm, 13 min
[ School comedy ]
A precise nine-year-old boy annoys his teacher by constantly reporting on his classmate’s misdemeanours. What is to become of such a boy?
Berlinale 2012 winner

Bartlomiej Zmuda, Polen 2011, Kurzspielfilm, 21 min
[ Train thriller ]
On his way back to Poland Emil gets caught in a situation that he would never have imagined possible…
Winning film at interfilm 2011


Mickel Rentsch, Deutschland 2002, Kurzspielfilm, 6 min
[ Handy-Groteske ]   
An everyday situation at a bus stop reveals young peoples’ outrageous dependence on mobile telephones and the general ironies of communication.


Lars p Arendt, Dänemark 2009, Kurzspielfilm, 15 min
[ Familiendrama ]
Benjamin’s had enough of lies. He knows that his father beats his mother. But when his dad refuses to apologise, Benjamin resorts to radical measures.


Simon Ellis, England 2006, Kurzspielfilm, 14 min
[ Nachbarschaftsdilemma ]
A father rediscovers his fear of confrontation, at the worst possible time.
Winning film at interfilm Festival 2007


Stepan Altrichter, Stefan Höh, Deutschland  2011, Dokumentarfilm, 15 min
[ Courage-Doku ]
It is Aleyna’s great wish to become a Bollywood dancer. In the weeks leading up to her first big performance she struggles with nervousness and talks candidly about being bullied at school.
Berlin Award at interfilm 2011

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