Shorts Attack #200: Classic shorts

Shorts Attack in October 2018

200 editions of Shorts Attack since 2001! We celebrate this with classic shorts: 12 films in 80 minutes!


The program:

Paradisiaque (5)BbPARADISIAC
Igor Pejic
France 2001
Live Action without dialogue – 4 min
Alien tragedy
An extra-terrestrial crash-lands in the middle of a field on Earth. He’s fascinated by the unexpected plant and animal life and his next encounter will be with a human!


cul_de_sac_3bDEAD END / Cul De Sac
Marc Salmon
France 1997
Live Action – ST english – 12 min
A young couple driving through the countryside, come to a sudden halt when they find their path blocked by a giant cage containing a tiger. The woman playes a game with high stakes.


romeo_and_julietbROMEO AND JULIET
Samuli Valkama, Tapjo Schultz
Animation without dialogue
0:30 min
Fry film
Two frenchfries on a plate: Romeo and Juliet are burning with desire, but will they survive the heat?


Lars Damoiseaux
Belgium 1998
Live Action – ST english – 10:30 min
Taxi grotesque
A visiting couple in Brussels is forced by a cabdriver to have a look at what he thinks are the highlights of this `interesting city`. He´s got ideas, he´s got a pistol and even knows the `Waterloo-Space`.


Christian Ditter
Germany 1999
Live Action without dialogue
9 min
Voodoo comedy
Award Winning Voodoo Comedy: Two children determine the romantic future of a shy couple, by playing with dolls.


GuarddogbGUARD DOG
Bill Plymton
USA 2004
Animation without dialogue – 4:30 min
Dog thriller
An unusual guard dog takes his job too serious! Why do dogs bark at such innocent creatures as pigeons and squirrels? What are they afraid of? This film answers that eternal question.


Susanne Quester
Germany 2002
Live Action – ST english – 7 min
Society game
Portrait of an unknown country: „Finow“ is an independent woodland state whose inhabitants mainly feed on bananas. A two-fisted social reportage about child labour.


Gianluca Vallero
Deutschland 1999   16mm
Kurzspielfilm – OV it , türk,  deutsch – ST english
12 min
Integration Comedy
Gino und Cosimo are bored hanging around. Gino dreams of coming on to blonde women, and Cosmo wants a big, fat, juicy German ‘Wurst‘.


Love and Theft_1bLOVE & THEFT
Andreas Hykade
Germany 2010
Animation without dialogue – 7 min
And I’m still carrying the gift you gave, / It’s a part of me now, it’s been cherished and saved, / It’ll be with me unto the grave / And then unto eternity.“ / (Bob Dylan)


derniere_inventionbDERNIÉRE INVENTION
Lolo Zazar
France 1998
Real-Animation without dialogue – 8 min
While reading the newspaper, a man is suddenly attacked by his T.V ! He escapes to the kitchen, only to be confronted by various aggressive household appliances and soon the entire apartment joins the revolt against its tenant.


Dag Mork
Norway 2002
Live Action – UT englisch – 8 min
Camp film
The Ex-Lover tries to visit her while she camps in the forest in an old caravan. He has to rescue her and in the end the caravan is running fast through the forest … .


Per Carleson
Sweden 2004
Live Action without dialogue – 4 min
Problem film
Bringing a bike from A to B should be easy, but a small transportation problem can get bigger, fast. A short film that proves that a little cunning can help, especially if you are a woman of a certain age…


roofsexROOF SEX
USA 2002
Animation without dialogue
1 min
[ Chair-Sex-Film ] Chair-on-chair action, wild Sex on the roof with consequences to the owner of the chair … .


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