Sex & Madness

Shorts Attack in February 2024

6 films in 90 minutes – with German subtitles


Wet happiness awaits in the sauna, jealousy arises on the beach and a lady learns from youth. Satisfaction is of great relevance, young people let themselves drift through everyday life in matters of love, and if you’re not careful, you’ll end up drifting disoriented on the sea.

The Program:

Marianne Bergeonneau u.a.
France 2021
6 min
Sauna happiness
During a thrilling massage, a lady is going to seduce her masseur. Through different rooms of a thermal cure, a seduction game would take place.


TheSwimmer_still_1bTHE SWIMMER
Máté Boegi
Denmark 2023
6:30 min
Live Action
Jealousy grotesque
When a sound-recordist brings his girlfriend on a trip to the Danish west coast to record atmospheres, he picks up a disturbing sound.


Sex-Relish_Jouir_(_en_solitaire_)2SEX RELISH (A SOLO ORGASM)
Ananda Safo
France 2021
12 min
Masturbation as self-empowerment: Different women give an intimate testimony about how much power can lie in playing with one’s own body.


IC04_39-00455_Return_to_Youth_2RETURN TO YOUTH
Mel Sangyi Zhao
China / USA 2022
17:30 min
Live Action
Youth adventure
‚When cosmetic institute staff intrusively suggest that 50-year-old ex-dancer Bing consider vaginal rejuvenation surgery, she pushes back.


HEART FRUIT Still (c) Silvio Gerber (2)2HEART FRUIT
Kim Allamand
Schwitzerland 2022
20 min
Live Action
Round dance of love
City people set off into a warm late summer night. Glances meet in a library. At a workout, two men discuss where to buy love.


IC02_39-01580_Drijf2DRIJF [Drive]    
Levi Stoops
Belgium 2023
15 min
Stress test at sea
Jeremy and Aurora are drifting aimlessly at sea and fighting to survive amid a fair amount of blood and gore. Both are gravely impacted by the experience.


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