Sex & Insanity

Shorts Attack in February

10 films in 90 minutes


The program:

The Night I Dance With Death1bTHE NIGHT I DANCE WITH DEATH
Vincent Gibaud
France 2017
6 min
Erotic trip
A psychedelic drug trip initially takes Jack on a heavenly journey. But hellish dreams are also soon to follow.


J. J. Vanhanen
Finland 2017
Live Action
12 min
Kondom comedy
An accident in the bedroom and the pharmacy closes in 20 minutes – what else could possibly go wrong on a 16th birthday?


Deine_Fremde_Filmstill1 - Matthias StollbDEINE FREMDE
Matthias Stoll
Germany 2017
Animation – 11 min
Love test
What starts out as a “just friends” offer of a place to sleep for a while slowly transforms into a major love story. But what’s together doesn’t always belong together.


Obedience_ Screenshot - Impro BeirutbOBEDIENCE
Farah Shaer
Lebanon 2017
Live Action – 9:30 min
Police grotesque
When Leila enters a Beirut police precinct to finally press charges against her husband for endless months of rape she has no idea of the colossal outcome awaiting her.


The wrong end of the stick3bTHE WRONG END OF THE STICK
Terri Matthews
England 2016
8 min
Love update
Malcolm Fetcher is lost in a dull marriage to his wife of twenty years. As their marriage disintegrates, he is forced to express a deep, hidden desire.


Anna Roller
Germany 2017
Live Action
16:30 min
Party ultra
At a party Juno gets talked into taking drugs. On her trip she meets Pan, the forest god, and a wild chase ensues.


Rino Stefano Tagliafierro
Italy 2016
8 min
Art as an object of desire. Erotic images from the Classic period fill the atmosphere with shimmering seduction.


Den_Sniffe_Still_2bDEN SNIFFE
Matthew Nesbeth
England 2015
Live Action
1:30 min
Fitness fun
Ian visits the local gym every week in pursuit of his fetish. Also today. But something turns out new this time.


and-Love-MeAND LOVE ME
Ariel Tamir
Israel 2015
Live Action
7 min
Turn hin on!
Unexpectedly, a blind date suddenly gets going during dessert. She deeply forces him: Let´s check it in the restroom!


Kosmos 1bKOSMOS
Daria Kopiec
Poland 2016
2:30 min
This animated film tells of attraction and yearning, of the wish to be desired and the feeling of floating in endless space


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