Sex and Insanity

Shorts Attack in March 2014

10 erotic tales in 85 minutes.


The Programme:

Fall1bPAIRS – FALL 1
Robert Bohrer
3 min
Short Fiction engl ST.
A man and a woman go to couples therapy and prove that love is a mental illness.


Spela Cadez
Slovenia / Germany 2013 12:30 min
Animation engl
Two outsiders in an anonymous apartment complex. Their loneliness comes to an end when Tereza asks her neighbour to write love letters to her fiancé, Boles.


Parkplatzliebe2PARKPLATZLIEBE / Parking Love
Peter Meister
Germany 2013
9 min
Short Fiction dt. / engl ST
Between fantasy and practice: Loverboy and Kitty78 arrange for quick sex in a parking lot, but somehow the meeting doesn’t quite work out as planned.


Bill Plympton
USA 2009 5 min
Animation no dialogue
Dog in love
More misadventures from our plucky canine, as he fends off an obese dog, attacking oysters, and a wayward killer violin bow, while trying to win the love of his hearts’s desire.


Ben Aston
5:30 min
Short Fiction engl
Cosmic Love
London seems a little less lonely when Lucy meets a cosmonaut on chat roulette…


PetitBonhommebLITTLE MAN / Petit Bonhomme
Victor Rodenbach & Hugo Benamozig
France 2013
13 min
Short Fiction engl
Youth in Love
During an afternoon at the pool, Henri decides to follow his father’s advice and attempts to seduce Rachel, with whom he is madly in love.


la-beteLA BETE
Vladimir Mavounia-Kouka
France 2013
8 min
Animation no dialogue
The woman and the beast
A young woman touches herself and a beast emerges from her passion. They wrestle in a forest of emotion.


mind the gap still 2MIND THE GAP
Tom Darom & Arkady Ostrovsky
6 min
Short Fiction engl.
Remember good Sex
Initially cross at having missed her train, suddenly she sees him on the opposite platform…


Forever Over_2FOREVER OVER
Erik Schmitt
Germany 2014
14 min
Short Fiction dt. – engl ST
Action on Relationship
Mia and Tim have been together forever. To breathe new life into their relationship they play a game: fulfiling each other’s wishes!


Andre Albrecht
Germany 2013
4 min
Short Fiction no dialogue
Puppet sex
A young couple in the act of lovemaking: The hotter it gets, the more they forget the world around them.



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