Robots & Bots – engl.

Shorts Attack in October 2020

11 films in 85 minutes


Artificial beings are among us. They enjoy sex, intensify parties, help with cooking, and even promise to save the world. Human charity is put to the test, because communication can go turbo-charged. But Shorts Attack in October also shows how beautiful analog can be.

The program:

PNP_Still_01bPLUG & PLAY
Michael Frei
Switzerland 2012
6 min
Ruled by fingers, plug-headed figures are being plugged in. But, the fingers are fingering as well. Is it love? – An entirely finger-made animated film.


Meat Dept.
France 2020
2:30 min
Monster ecstasy
Something fidgets, it consists of brain, takes control over other brains and wants to conquer the world. Everything should fidget.


If_Girlfriend_Deluxe_3bIF [GIRLFRIEND DELUXE]
Steve Moss
England 2018
7 min
Live Action
Sex comedy
Technology has a hard time imitating true intimacy. Even the perfect likeness of one’s own wife turns out to be a less then ideal alternative.


David Feliu u.a.
France 2018
5 min
Fun vision
Loneliness is history thanks to virtual friends. But the artificial circle of friends leads into dependencies and fears of loss start to dictate Arthur’s life.


Hao Zheng
USA 2019
20 min
Live Action
Cooking with AI
In a time when work is done by robots, a traditional Chinese chef is forced to train a Caucasian humanoid to cook Chinese food.


ELECTRIC_SOUL_c_Jonni_Maennistoe-1024x576bELECTRIC SOUL
Joni Männistö
Finland / South Korea 2013
5 min
Tech is alive
An electrifying view to a buzzing micropolis.
An electrifying view to a buzzing micropolis.
An electrifying view to a buzzing micropolis.


help3-scifibHELP3 / Je veille sur toi
Janek Tarkowski
France 2019
15:00 min
Live Action
Relationship update
In the near future human relationships will be replaced by a hologram conversation with the son. And nurse will be replaced by androids.


Cenk Özakıncı
Turkey 2018
3 min
Live Action
Save the world!
Try out the revolutionary Green World app now and save the planet! Simply upload your consciousness to the server in outer space and relax!


The_Narrator_3bTHE NARRATOR
Julia Trofimova
USA / Russia 2019
11 min
Live Action
Modern truth detektor
For therapeutic purposes, a personal commentator follows Dave around through his days and immediately reveals his inner emotional life.


2050 2b2050
Alexandra Lupashko
Russia 2019
4 min
Live Action
Annoyed by the advancing technologization of everyday life? Load your weapon and welcome the robots at your door!


Jörgen Scholtens
Netherlands 2019
7:30 min
Live Action
Analogue Intelligenz
Inside a cuckoo clock lives a lonely man. Every hour he is catapulted out of his tiny house to yell ‘Cuckoo!’


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