Retiree Rock´n Roll

Shorts Attack in may 2017

9 films in 90 minutes

The Program:

The-Orchestra-still_05-smlbTHE ORCHESTRA
Mikey Hill
Australia 2015
Animation without dialogue
15 min
Retiree heroes
Imagine a world where you go through life accompanied by a small orchestra that comments on situations and communicates thoughts and feelings.


Nadine Schrader, Julia Wilczok
Germany 2015
Documentary german (ST engl)
3 min
Dance fun
Three couples with two things in common: They’re still happily in love and every Monday they go to dance at DJ Michael Borge’s seniors disco.


Timothy Reckart
England 2012
Animation without dialogue
10:30 min
Relationship grotekse
After many years of marriage, Walter and Madge have literally grown apart. Now nobody knows which way is up.


Mr_Invisible2bMR INVISIBLE
Greg Ash
England 2013
Live Action english
13:30 min
City comedy
A lonely old man seems invisible to the world around him. But when he journeys to the heart of London, being ‚invisible‘ proves to be his greatest weapon.


Kathrin Hürlimann
Switzerland 2013
Animation, Documentary german (ST engl.)
6 min
Youth adventure
„My grandfather? An arsonist?“ Hard to believe. What could have driven him to
commit such an act?


Wie immer 38bWIE IMMER
Zubin Sethna
Germany 2010
Live Action german (ST engl.)
6:30 min
Memory tragedy
Moments of forgetfulness increasingly encroach on a lively old lady’s life. She tries to master the situation with charm and assistance.


Natalia Chernysheva
Russian Federation 2016
Animation without dialogue
4 min
Creative Grandma
The unexpected friendship between an old woman and a spider leads to an inspiringly creative partnership.


Makeawish4bMAKE A WISH
Jonatan Etzler
Sweden 2016
Live Action UT english
12 min
Wish film
Anita and Gunnar live a slow and steady retired life. But when Anita makes a wish to be visited by a young and virile show host from TV …


Wurmloch still 2 Turun AnikistitbWURMLOCH
Turun Anikistit
Finland 2016
Animation german (ST engl.)
12.30 min
Phallus & War
A lady, an officer and Freud bump into each other, while a visualization of Vienna on the eve of World War II is conjured up in colorful clichés.



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