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Shorts Attack in April

Greetings from reality – 10 Films!

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The Programme:

TalkinginaBox_EJ8_bTALKING IN A BOX
Hendrik Dorgathen
4:30 min
Animation without dialogue
[ Communication-Persiflage ]

A colorful animation about the act of speaking.


Botev_e_idiotBOTEV IS AN IDIOT
Deyan Bararev
Bulgaria 2012
8:30 min
Short Fiction engl.
[ History against modernism ]
Vasko has written an essay critical of Hristo Botev, widely considered by Bulgarians to be a national hero. But is this what he actually wanted to say?


Alexander Lehmann
Germany 2014
7 min
Animation germ. with engl ST
[ Surveillance-Grotesque ]
Seven good reasons why all should absolutely love Surveillance – here and everywhere.


BlackTape_06BLACK TAPE
Uri Kranot, Michelle Kranot
Denmark 2014
Animation without dialogue
[ War-Dance ]
Lush brushstrokes vibrate on screen und describe the entangled dance between the victim and its victimizer.


for-the-birds-1bFOR THE BIRDS
Tara Atashgah
USA 2013
14 min
Short Fiction without dialogue
[ Punishmentfilm ]
A young Iranian is about to be publicly hanged. People cluster round the scaffold to witness the execution.


ett-enklare-livbA SIMPLER LIFE
Gunhild Enger
Sweden 2013
15 min
Short Fiction without dialogue
[ Parody on the western world ]
Ing-Marie and Carl are very busy. She with training, he with gardening, all with the assistance of modern conveniences…but do they really make things simpler?


Business_As_Usual_3bBUSINESS AS USUAL
Lenn Kudrjawizki
11:30 min
Short Fiction germ. with engl ST
[ Have a good flight ]
A fully occupied aeroplane, a prayer chain and typical pre-takeoff nerves: The situation rapidly escalates.


10_kleine_Negerlein410 KLEINE NEGERLEIN
Valentinanna Mitterer
Austria 2012
4:30 min
Animation germ. with engl ST
[ Song-Animation ]
A new version of the well-known, racist children’s song, customised according to current refugee policies.


Taneli Mustonen
5 min
Short Fiction engl.
[ Political comedy ]
A humorous lesson exploring the meaning of the word „fascism“.


Dietrich Brüggemann
Germany 2011
11 min
Short Fiction germ. with engl ST
[ Germany-Comedy ]
Kerem is a young Turkish man from a conservative family. His sister lives a secular, modern life. He’s been ordered to restore his family’s honor.


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