Shorts Attack in October 2021

8 films in 80 minutes


The program:

The opposites Game1bTHE OPPOSITES GAME
Anna Samo, Lisa LaBracio
USA 2019
5 min
The Opposite of Weapon!?
A teacher asks his class a tricky question, triggering a heavily symbolic dispute about who has the right to impose their interpretation on others.


Tue Sanggaard
Denmark 2019
6:30 min
Subway journey
Everyday train rides can sometimes prove stressful, bringing beastly animal instincts to the surface.


Popcorngutten_stills_1,7MB_00005013bPOPCORN BOY
Christian Lo, Line Klungseth Johansen
Norway 2020
11 min
Live Action
Popcorn Comedy
Once upon a time there was a boy … who suddenly started sneezing floating popcorn. A bankrupt investor sees his chance to make a profit.


streetsof2bSTREETS OF FURY
Aidan McAteer
Ireland 2019 – 5 min
Game power
Max Punchface has only one goal: to defeat the final enemy. But when a portal suddenly appears, the video game hero finds himself among peaceful sheep.


Endo - 0859bEND-O
Alice Seabright
England 2019 – 15 min
Female Thriller
She wants sex. That should actually be pretty easy, if it weren’t for her body sabotaging her. Because Jaq has endometriosis, a shameful disease.


Christoph Hertel
Germany 2019 – 19 min
Live Action Short
Family epos
Boring, stuck in a rut, small town life at the foot of a dam gurgles away aimlessly. Even when the structure starts to exhibit first little cracks, the community can’t be stirred from their drab routine.


Jannis Alexander Kiefer
Germany 2020 – 14 min
The two craftspeople Uli and Didi are working on a swastika in their workshop somewhere between rural idyll and village dreariness, wondering about the strange newcomers in the village.


Metube3_unafurtivalagrima03.largebME TUBE: AUGUST SINGS „UNA FURTIVA LAGRIMA“
Daniel Moshel
Austria 2020 – 10 min
Opera spectakle
Intergalactic music nerds August and Elfi conquer the opera stage and turn the bourgeois universe on its head.


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