Power women

Shorts Attack in february

10 films in 90 minutes.



The program:

Frederic Doazan
France 2014
without dialogue
2:30 min
Beautiful women
An update on classic human anatomy, adjusted to today’s ideals of beauty.


Boris Seewald
Germany 2016
Animation, Experimental – without dialogue
2 min
Energy dance
1250 sketched images are blended into an aesthetic choreography, bringing dancers to life. Dancing strong!


three_dalmatians_still1bTHREE DALMATIANS
Ingrid Stenersen
Norway 2014
Live action – engl. UT
15 min
Country women action
It’s not easy to find true love in the Norwegian countryside. As a result, three
lonely ladies get very inventive…


panic_attack_still_1bPANIC ATTACK
Eileen O’Meara
USA 2016
Animation – engl. UT
3:30 min
Controll comedy
You know the train of thought that starts with “Did I turn off the coffee machine?” and ends with “I should really move to Tibet”?


Aleeza Chanowitz
Israel 2015
Live action – engl. UT
13 min
Mushkie and Sari are best friends. They live together in an apartment and share everything, except for their attitudes toward love and sex.


jesusladystill4bJESUS LADY
Frédéric Da
USA 2016
Live action – engl. UT
7:30 min
The missionar
People are so different …: Melissa goes door-to-door, bringing the Evangelical faith to others, a task that often puts her to the test.


Mitja Mlakar
Slovenia 2014
Live action – engl. UT
8:30 min
Shopping with heard
In a supermarket, a woman pays for the purchases of a man in need, in the end, giving him more than he originally requested.


Tamer Ruggli
Switzerland 2011
Live action – without dialogue
4:30 min
Ruth loves flower pots a lot. She collects them in her perfect flat. A perfect flat for flower pots. Then a new parcel arrives.


etage-x_still_2bETAGE X
Francy Fabritz
Germany 2016
Live action – deutsch
14 min
Women in elevator
A chance meeting in a stalled elevator forces two women to improvise. They are alone and one needs special help.


Processed with VSCOcam with p5 presetTHE GIRL OF 672K
Mirjam Marks
Netherlands 2016
Dokumentaryfilm – engl. UT
18 min
Instagram carreer
Annegien’s Instagram photos are imaginative and fanciful. With over 600,000 followers. She´s a star and needs to deal with.


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