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Shorts Attack in November

9 films in 90 minutes


The programme:

premier_automne3FIRST AUTUMN / Premier Automne
Carlos De Carvalho, Aude Danset
France • 2012
Animation without dialogue
10:30 min
Abel lives in winter, Apolline in summer. They are not supposed to meet, but one day Abel is overcome with curiosity…


Chris Raiber
Austria • 2015
Short Fiction engl. – 16:30 min
A car drives through the snow with 13-year-old Nelly behind the wheel. She just wants to get home, but keeping her from this goal are three questions, two keys, a diving platform, and a racing heart.


a_tropical_sunday2000A TROPICAL SUNDAY
Fabián Ribezzo
Mozambique • 2013
Short Fiction engl – 15 min
Maputo, Mozambique: Although they don’t have any money, Lisa, Babu, Gito, and Nuno spend their Sunday at the funfair. If only they were able to go on a ride…


Laura Lehmus
Germany • 2014
Animation, Documentary german St engl.
6 min
An animated documentary on puberty, based on interviews with real teens, here embodied by real aliens.


bernard_photopromo04BERNHARD LE GRAND
Philippe Lupien, Marie-Hélène Viens
Canada • 2013
Short Fiction engl. – 9 min
Kids Protest
It’s Bernard’s birthday, but he is not happy about it. The last thing he wants is to grow up to be like the dreadful adults around him. He hatches a wonderful plan…


pommes-frites-2POMMES FRITES
Balder Westein
Netherlands • 2013
Animation engl.
2 min
Halloween Confusion
On this stormy Halloween night, nothing goes as planned: The kids knock on the doors to make everything out of control.


clumsylittleactsoftenderness_filmstill_1-6-1bCLUMSY LITTLE ACTS OF TENDERNESS
Miia Tervo
Finland • 2015
Short Fiction engl.
9 min
Erotic Shopping
A weekend father wants to show his teenage daughter his love by taking her to a car wash, but then they go shopping and meet help.


Michael Spiccia
Australia • 2012
Short Fiction engl.
13:30 min
An enigmatic young girl lives in a remote wrecking yard with her gloomy father and protects him and helpless creatures with her unforseen powers.


rag-n-bone-man-hell-yeahbRAG´N’BONE MAN – HELL YEAH
Truman & Cooper
France 2014
Short Fiction / Music Video engl.
5 min
Family Fight
A airfield-style location: A young man and woman’s plan to kill their violent father right after he left prison.


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