Oscar® Shorts 2024 – english

Shorts Attack in March 2024

Theatrical release: 7 March 2024

2 programs:

Live Action – 137 minutes
Animation – 90 minutes

The 96th Academy Awards will take place on March 10, 2024 in Los Angeles.

Oscar® – Live Action Short Films

Misan Harriman
18 min
Passenger parable
A grieving rideshare driver picks up a passenger who helps him confront the past.



Vincent René-Lortie
30 min
Boy in search of freedom
Inspired by a true story, Invincible recounts the last 48 hours in the life of Marc-Antoine Bernier, a 14-year-old boy on a desperate quest for freedom.


Knight of Fortune 1bKNIGHT OF FORTUNE
Lasse Lyskjær Noer
25 min
Coping with loss
The loss of a loved one, the grief, the risk of yellow skin, and a coffin, that is too much for Karl to face.



Red-White-and-Blue2RED, WHITE AND BLUE
Nazrin Choudhury
23 min
Pregnancy conflict
Rachel is a single parent living paycheck to paycheck. An unexpected pregnancy threatens to unravel her already precarious position.


The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar2THE WONDERFUL STORY OF HENRY SUGAR
Wes Anderson
USA 2023 – 37 min
Magic & Future
Chronicles a variety of stories, but the main one follows Henry Sugar, who is able to see through objects and predict the future with the help of a book he stole.


Oscar® – Animated Short Films

Letter to a Pig1bLETTER TO A PIG
Tal Kantor
Fraance/ Israel
17 min
Animal rescue
A Holocaust survivor reads a letter he wrote to the pig who saved his life.



Stéphanie Clément
France 2022
11 min
With the grandparents in the country
Like every summer, Louise stays at her grandparents in the countryside for a few days during the holidays. It will snow at the height of summer and a monster is going to die.


Jerusha Hess &  Jared Hess
13 min
Sensuality poem
An ode to the body’s five senses delivered by a man with little time left to enjoy them.



Our Uniform2b-kleinerOUR UNIFORM
Yegane Moghaddam
7 min
School memories
An Iranian girl unfolds her school memories on the wrinkles and fabrics of her old uniform.



WAR IS OVER2bWAR IS OVER! Inspired by the Music of John & Yoko
Dave Mullins
USA 2023 – 11 min
War as a game of chess
Set in an alternate WWI reality where a senseless war rages on, two soldiers on opposite sides of the conflict play a joyful game of chess. A heroic carrier pigeon delivers the soldiers‘ chess moves over the battlefield as the fighting escalates.


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