Mothers, Mut & Mutations

Shorts Attack in April 2024

8 films in 85 minutes – with German subtitles

The Program:

goldenoldiesbbGOLDEN OLDIES
Daan Velsink, Joost Lieuwma
Netherland 2016
3 min
Animation / Live Action
In a typical fifties diner a gangly teenager tries to rock’n’roll with the prettiest girl on the dancefloor. Let´s dance!


IC03_39-00560_La_historia_interminable3bTHE NEVERENDING STORY
David Valero
Spain 2023
14 min
Live Action
Family portrait    
How exciting can everyday life actually be? Amid family relations and generational conflict, the film depicts a congenial working-class family from Spain.


IC07_39-01584_The_Miracle2THE MIRACLE    
Nienke Deutz
Belgium / France/ Netherlands 2023
15 min
Holiday grotesque
Irma, whose desire to have a kid has gone unfulfilled, would love to finally relax at this 5-star hotel.


Cosima Frei
Germany / Switzerland 2023
17:30 min
Live Action
Urban Adventure
What to do after a separation, before moving to a new city? Mena strolls around her Berlin hood one last time.


The-thirteens-year2THE THIRTEENTH YEAR
Samad Alizadeh
Iran 2023
10 min
Live Action
Bike love
Iranian protagonist Helia has turned 13 – for her parents, that means she is not allowed to ride a bike anymore.


Glückspfad, Still 05 © Jakob Werner2GLÜCKSPFAD
Thea Sparmeier, Jakob Werner, Pauline Cremer
Germany 2021
5 min
Body hair reflection
Franka had a lot of hair on her legs, under her arms and on her stomach from a young age – like many women. She talks about her experiences.


SP03_39-00330_Zu_BesuchbZU BESUCH    
Martin Weiss
Austria 2023
11:30 min
Live Action
Exhibition performance
‚The reserved Julia has traveled to Vienna especially to surprise her sister Johanna at her vernissage. They talk about art and life.


07_COAHM-Copyright-shutterstock-MAYA-LABbCONCEPT OF A HAPPY MOM
Henriette Rietz
Germany 2023
4:30 min
Live Action
Happy moms
Loving, happy, easygoing. Care work, mental load, exhaustion. How are mothers portrayed in the media?


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