Marx & the Revolution engl

Shorts Attack in May 2018

10 films in 90 minutes


The programm:

A-Heap-Of-Trouble-dir.-Steve-Sullivan-02bA HEAP OF TROUBLE
Steve Sullivan
England 2000
Short Fiction – engl.
4 min
Village Revolte
Between contagion and mass hysteria: On an orderly housing estate, men start behaving ecstatically. They start a revolt against mediocrity.


volkspark - mobtikVOLKSPARK
Kuesti Fraun / Andreas Neckritz
Germany 2011
Short Fiction- german
7 min
Business Idea
A camera team accompanies ex-business consultant Frank Petzke. With his new concept Frank is eager to reestablish his place at the heart of society!


UnitedInterest_01bUNITED INTEREST
Tim Weimann
Germany 2016
Animation – no dialogue
9 min
Money crash
A cable car ride through early 20th century San Francisco becomes the background for a farewell to capitalism.


USA 2016
Short Fiction– engl.
4 min
The protagonist in this film walks the streets of her city reciting Karl Marx in a cinematic examination of faith in the idea of communism.


corp_03 - Favio PostaCORP.
Pablo Polledri
Argentinia 2016
Animation – engl.
9 min
The foundation of a company: “Corp.” shows us the machinations of the wonderful world of the free market economy!


Zbigniew Rybczyński
Poland 1990
Animation – no dialoge
15 min
Kommunistic epos
Steps to communism by famous Zbigniew Rybczyński: Workers come together and fight for rights and establish a huge political system. Enjoy Bolero!


Sabrina Mertens
Germany 2017
Short Fiction – german
8 min
Erotic party
Modern society: Ute and Jens meet in a cuddle party group. She tals a bit much. Is a happy end in store for these two?


FreedomIndependence_Still_300dpi-11-von-12bFREEDOM & INDEPENDENCE
Bjørn Melhus
Germany 2014
Short Fiction – german
Kapitalism thriller
One man playing all roles: Amidst mantras of neoliberal elitism and media representations and set against the backdrop of megalomaniacal architecture.


nextfloor7NEXT FLOOR
Denis Villeneuve
Canada 2008
Short Fiction – no dialogue
12 min
In the course of a luxurious banquet, eleven pampered guests find themselves abruptly sinking from floor to floor.


The Job Choosing The LaborbTHE JOB
Jonathan Browning
USA 2007
Short Fiction – engl.
3 min
„Jornaleros“, or day-workers, are no longer an unusual sight here in the southwestern US. But when did they start wearing suits?



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