Shorts Attack in November 2022

7 films in 85 minutes


There’s an incident on the ISS, a teacher gets involved with a mother, politicians intervene, artificial intelligence turns out to be stupid and a demo is taking place somewhere. Meanwhile, even animals are fighting and animated characters are having a hard time: Here we have the salad!

The program:

BadSeedsbBAD SEEDS  / Mauvaise herbes  
Claude Cloutier
Canada 2020
6:30 min
A fable that uses surrealism and metaphor to show where the perpetual wish for one-upmanship and disempowerment leads.


SoweitsogutSO WEIT SO GUT
Leon Schwitter
Switzerland 2021
13:30 min
Live Action
Urban actionism
On a hot summer day, four groups are sweating without realizing that they are up to their necks in water. Because there’s something in the air.


School_sOut_Tienminutengesprek_Still01SCHOOL´S OUT / Tienminutengesprek
Jamille van Wijngaarden
Netherlands 2018
11:00 min
Live Action
School Scandal
When mother Marit wants to discuss the behavior of her son during a parent-teacher conference, teacher Yvonne can’t repress her pent-up feelings anymore.


Land-of-Glory_Still__2_bLAND OF GLORY
Borbála Nagy
Germany 2020
27 min
Live Action
Political comedy
A school somewhere in Hungary. An ordinary literature class. It feels like a normal day, except that the Hungarian Prime Minister is about to visit.


Domas Petronis, Vytautas Plukas
Lithuania 2020
14 min
Live Action
AI in Action
A robot is created in a lab. Like a new-born, the machine analyses its surroundings with its sensess. What does it mean to be alive?


Frankie de Leonardis
Spain 2019
8 min
Live Action
Space incident
Following a collision in outer space, an astronaut floats. Calls for help fall on deaf ears, as his awareness seems to become disembodied.


Christel Pougeoise
France 2002
4 min
Short film classic
Two animated characters Tim and Tom want to meet each other, but their creator does not agree. They quarral and quarrel.


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