Happy Crime Time english

Shorts Attack in January 2018

11 films in 80 minutes.


The program:

Hugo Ramirez, Olivier Patté
France 2014
Animation ohne Dialoge
4 min
A meteorite crashes down to Earth. It brings with it a bright mysterious infection for every human being. Becoming beasts, they kill. Riots rage.


Trailer still 1bTRAILER
Mascha Halberstad
Netherlands 2014
2 min
The Savior
It’s wartime. The enemy is everywhere. Attacks and explosions destroy everything. Luckily there is one man coming to the rescue!


GardenParty_00041cGARDEN PARTY
Florian Babikian u.a.
France 2016
7 min
In a deserted rich house, a couple of amphibians explore their surroundings and follow their primal instincts.


Etienne Constantinesco
France 2013
Live Action engl.
8 min
A thriller wrapped in a music video trilogy. Guess what the clue might be throwing the bag with the robbed money out of the car!


Footprints 2FOOTPRINTS
Bill Plympton
USA 2015
Animation ohne Dialoge
4 min
Demolished fields, huge footprints, and a single shot: Following the trail of a destructive monster leads to an unexpected discovery.


Olga Dibtseva
Russian Federation 2016
Live Action engl UT
8 min
Parcel delivery
The courier, delivering an order to a married couple, becomes a witness to several accidental deaths. Thats quite strange.


Accidents,_Blunders_and_Calamities_Still_3bACCIDENTS, BLUNDERS AND CALAMITIES
James Cunningham
New Zealand 2015
Animation engl.
5 min
A goodnight story about the most dangerous species on earth – humankind. Especially animals know about that.


Kim Belov
Russian Federation 2017
Live Action
7 min
Always think twice before opening your door to a stranger. Who is the repair guy really? And vice-versa.


santamaria3SANTA MARIA
Erik Schmitt
Germany 2016
Live Action
5 min
Find the diamants
A man comes across a treasure map by accident. On his search for the diamonds, he encounters gangsters, a wily widow, and a corrupt police officer.


Patrick Ridremont
Belgium / France 2017
Live Action
14 min
Max, Mégane, and Louise arrive in a mysterious gas station. Inside the deserted building, numerous photocopiers are working at full throttle.


The_Ordinary_Still_3bTHE ORDINARY
Julien Dara, Simon Dara
France 2016
Live Action
9 min
A young man has defeated a dragon. He dances as the beast dies, celebrating his victory. He was so brave!


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