Golden Shorts 2022 – english

Shorts Attack in December 2022

7 films in 85 minutes


In a mulled wine mood in the middle of the social hustle and bustle: Shorts Attack in December seeks happiness and self-awareness, it goes among sheep, locates togetherness and gets involved with the devil. The international highlights of this year’s INTERFILM Festival were celebrated worldwide in 2022. Full of life, enjoy!

The program:

OtherHalf2OTHER HALF  
Lina Kalcheva
England 2021
13:30 min
Togetherness parable
As an Individual Being in a world comprised of Merged Couples, Ren embarks on a hero’s journey to find his other half and become complete.


En cirkel pa tva 3bCIRCLE OF TRUST
Victor Nyåker
Sweden 2022
16 min
Live Action
Self-experience grotesque
A woman and a man in their forties, meets up for the first time IRL in a municipal gymnasium with the intention of creating a space of trust.


In the upper room 2bIN THE UPPER ROOM
Alexander Gratzer
Austria/ Hungary 2022
8 min
Grandfather love
Every season a young mole visits his blind grandfather, who lives deep underground in a comfortably decorated burrow.


The diamond 1bTHE DIAMOND
Vedran Rupic
Sweden 2021
14 min
Live Action
Happyness search
Stefan is lonely with a blinding ambition to make friends. One day he stumbles upon a diamond in the woods.


Anxious-BodybANXIOUS BODY  
Yoriko Mizushiri
France/ Japan 2021
6 min
Tape Thriller 
Living things, artificial things, geometry shapes, and lines. When these different things encounter, a new direction is born.


Diabel2DIABEL / The Devil    
Jan Bujnowski
Poland 2022
19 min
Live Action
Comedy of faith 
According to researches made throughout 1990s by the Institute for Public Opinion Research 95% of Poles identified themselves as strong believers.


Markus Wulf
Germany/ USA 2022
8:30 min
Animation Short
Power relations
One windy day, Louis the sheep finds a paper crown and thereby becomes Louis I. King of the Sheep. He addresses his people, to gain power.


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