Golden Shorts 2021 engl

Shorts Attack in December 2021

8 films in 85 minutes

The program:

Only_a_child3bONLY A CHILD
Simone Giampaolo
Switzerland 2020 – 6 min
Message to the World
Twenty animators have come together to illustrate a truly remarkable speech. Not merely remarkable because it was given by a twelve-year-old girl at the United Nations 30 years ago, but because it remains absolutely relevant.


Don_vs_Lightning2DON VS LIGHTNING
Johnny Burns
Pier van Tijn
England / Scotland 2021 – 13 min
Live Action Short
Flash fights
It’s hard to say what’s more unpleasant: the repeated lightning strikes or the concerned attention of the other inhabitants in his town.


Tales_from_the_MultiversebTALES FROM THE MULTIVERSE
Magnus Igland Møller, Mette Tange, Peter Smith
Denmark 2020
7 min
God working
God creates the world like a computer game. Through a few carelessness everything can quickly get mixed up.


SeeyouinanHour3bSEE YOU IN AN HOUR
Markus Virpiö
Finland 2021 – 12:30 min
Live Action Short
Eveliina inherits an old telescope from her grandfather. It doesn’t seem to be an ordinary one, in fact it allows her to peer into the future. Can she influence things to come too?


Christoph Lauenstein
Germany 2021 – 9 min
Competition parable
In a land without light, the sudden appearance of a strange, illuminated object causes a stir among the inhabitants. Egoism and greed infiltrate this dark world.


Hessam Hamidi
Iran 2020 – 15 min
Live Action Short – Englisch mit deutschen Untertiteln
A boy full in life
A day in Teheran. In the bustle of the market, a boy stays afloat by making money with chickens in a creative way.


Daniele Nozzi, Giovanni Boscolo
Italy 2020 – 10:30 min
Live Action Short
Pensioner uprising
Since Marisa retired, her life has changed profoundly: she feels useless, abandoned, aimless. A meeting with a secret organisation reveals the truth behind road traffic.


37-01234-IC04_Wall_#4bWALL #4
Lucas Camps
Netherlands 2021
8 min
Live Action Short
Action in the Cinema
When a cinema audience starts to make fun of the film up on screen, events inside the theatre take an unexpected turn.


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