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Shorts Attack in April

8 films in 90 minutes


The Program:

Midnight_Horror 2MIDNIGHT HORROR
Veerapatra Jinanavin
Thailand, 2017
4 min
Night surprise
A young girl hears noises in the house in the middle of the night. When she goes for a look things begin to happen.


Sophie Linnenbaum
Short Fiction
10 min
Foto comedy
More illusion than reality: A life constructed of perfectly staged photo series.


Steffen Lindholm
Dänemark, 2016
6 min
Zombie kitchen
In the wake of a zombie epidemic, the zombies who have been cured live in a restricted area. An interview brings surprises.


ABRAHAM4 - Cristina FestaABRAHAM
Ali Kareem Obaid
Italy, Iraq, UAE, 2016
Short Fiction
8 min
IS-Family desaster
In order to save his sister from IS terrorists a man claims that she is his wife. But the terrorists want proof.


Maxime Feyers / Séverine De Streyker
Belgium, 2017
Short Fiction
23 min
Family grotesque
Two parents are completely overwhelmed by the discovery that their youngest son’s girlfriend is transsexual.


Kempken, Markus
Germany, 2016
4 min
Remember when you were young
Not all childhood memories are good. Some of them influence the present, no matter how much time has passed.


Stacey_en_de_Alien_Still_3STACEY AN THE ALIEN
Nelson Polfliet
Belgium, 2016
Short Fiction
15 min
Cheerleader Stacey is stunned and surprised one morning by the sudden death of her mother. However. she´s able to repress her feelings.


Downside_Up_StillDOWNSIDE UP
Peter Ghesquiere
Belgien, 2017
Short Fiction
15 min
Family perfection
A trisomy 21 society: When Eric is born it’s quickly obvious that he’s different than everyone else: He’s missing a chromosome!


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