Family affairs

Shorts Attack in July 2024

7 films in 90 minutes – with German subtitles


The dear family! Sometimes we go backwards through life, sometimes an era ends, generations compete with and against each other, and political issues shape cohesion. Children are portrayed, parents are reflected. Can a family explode? In Möbius Trip, this happens in the car.

The programm:

Life-left-behind2LIFE LEFT BEHIND
Valia Phyllis Zwart
Norway 2022
6 min
Live Action
Reverse travel
It’s rarely a great idea to argue in a car, but sometimes you have no choice. Even worse when you end up missing the beautiful landscape.


Lea Vidakovic
Kroatia, France, Serbia 2023
14:30 min
Aristocracy collapse
What could a quiet afternoon in an aristocratic villa have looked like just prior to the fall of the Austro-Hungarian Empire?


Shooting_Watermelons2bbSHOOTING WATERMELONS
Antonio Donato
Italy, England 2023
20 min
Life Action
Vacation with father
Federico is on holiday with his father and brother in a summer residence. Their father, Aurelio, is a severe and overtly masculine man …


Einmal_wieder_dieser_Junge_sein2bEINMAL WIEDER DIESER JUNGE SEIN
Jan Koester, Lisa Violetta Gaß
Germany 2022
7:30 min
Mother reflektion
„My mother started drinking when I was eight.“ A story of lost trust and the seeming impossibility of interpersonal connection to others.


Cengiz Akaygün
Germany 2021
13 min
Live Action
In the Syrian city of Afrin, an extremely pious woman wants to test her two daughters‘ religious knowledge. But Aysha rebels.


the-mobius-trip-23bTHE MÖBIUS TRIP
Simone Smith
Schottland 2023
17 min
Live Action
Family explotion in car
This one is trippy: stuck in a car with the dysfunctional family on the way to a wedding – bloody hell! Mother, father, daughter, son!


The_Wind_and_the_Trees2THE WIND AND THE TREES
Todd Stewart
Canada 2022
8:30 min
Generation poetry
Deep in the boreal forest, a mature pine tree and a seedling begin a conversation. As the years pass, they observe the ever-present wind.


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