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Shorts Attack in November 2023

7 films in 90 minutes


The program:

Maman, il a quoi le chien 1bMOM, WHAT´S UP WITH THE DOG?
Lola Lefevre
France 2021
7 min
Puberty fantasy
Gwen just turned 11. As she discovers her sexuality, she catches her dog laughing and will be irritating her parents.


Kakukkfióka2ANOTHER NEST
Márk Beleznai
Hungary 2022
17 min
Live Action
Sibling battle
24-year-old Ádám is a weed dealer. His quiet, dead-end life changes when his younger half-brother suddenly appears, expressing a desire to move in.


Super Comfort (2018)2SUPER COMFORT
Kirsikka Saari
Finland 2018
15 min
Live Action
Mother Catharsis
Taina is overjoyed preparing the weekend visit of her son Eetu and his girlfriend. But the more Taina tries to entertain everyone, the less comfortable they feel.


too_rough_03bTOO ROUGH
Sean Lionadh
Scotland 2022
16 min
Live Action
Sex at home
After a night of intoxication, a hungover and hysterical Nick wakes up next to his boyfriend Charlie and must conceal him from his family.


Facing it2bFACING IT
Sam Gainsborough
England 2018
7:30 min
Eduication grotesque
Alone in a chatty pub, a man is forced to reflect on his complex childhood and past, while constantly straining to maintain his slipping composure.


Teltet ferdige.inddTHE TENT
Rebecca Figenschau
Norway 2019
17 min
Live Action
Tent vacation
A family of four are going camping and their poor communications skills makes it a struggle to cooperate when trying to put up a complicated tent.


cocodrilo still2bCOCODRILO
Jorge Yúdice
Spain 2018
5 min
Live Action
You-Tube adventure
After her husband leaves, Alicia settles into watch a live stream on her favourite youtube channel: VictorGaming.



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