Family Affairs

Shorts Attack in July 2019

6 films in 85 minutes


The program:

Nara Normande
France / Brazil 2018
14 min
Animation, Experimental, Live Action
Family nostalgy
The filmmaker embarks on a personal journey into her past using sand and fabric animation in order to revive memories of past friendships.


Tetyana Kryvytska, Stang Lund
6:30 min
Live Action
Adoption grotesque
A childless couple decides to do the right thing and adopt someone living a dog’s life in a refugee camp.


Johannes Bachmann
Switzerland 2018
25 min
Live Action
Motherhood and politics
A headmistress and politician, is in the middle of an election campaign when her son is accused by a classmate of mistreating her.


Tungrus, still 1bTUNGRUS
Rishi Chandna
India 2017
14 min
Documentary Short
Pet comedy
This family in India keeps a rooster as a house pet that isn’t exactly warmly accepted by all members of
the family.


Avec Thelma_1 - Hélicotronc ProductionbWITH THELMA
Ann Sirot, Raphaël Balboni
Belgium / France 2017
14 min
Live Action
Education thrill
A couple gets an unusual opportunity to try out their parenting skills when little Thelma has to be cared for by her uncle and his partner.


Harald Hund
Austria 2011
10 min
Experimental, Live Action
They live in the see. Down unter surrounded by water and involved into the whole household. All is flooded well.


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