Shorts Attack in January 2023

6 films in 85 minutes


Full of energy into life: Driven by a dance-loving fairy, a boy outdoes himself (Tank Fairy), a woman, on the other hand, has to deflate properly (Über Wasser), while Dad’s car is well suited for a road trip (Datsun) and a boy in Iran comes out as a girl. Furthermore, there is a delivery service revolt (Platform) and a culinary dance magic (with Taglioni). 6 films in 85 minutes start the new year full of action.

The program:

Tank_Fairy 2bTANK FAIRY / 桶妝仙女  
Erich Rettstadt
Taiwan, Province Of China / United States 2021
9:30 min
Live Action Short
Youth dream
10-year-old Jojo dreams of dancing and doesn’t have anyone to share this with, until the day that the magical Tank Fairy enters his life.


Jela Hasler
Svitzerland 2021 – 12 min
Live Action
Female anger jam
Cooling off in the river only brings temporary relief: with all the constant burdens, Eli’s day is one big frustrating attempt to escape the confinement and aggressions.


Mark Albiston
New Zealand 2021 – 15 min
Live Action
Youth road trip
Before Matt’s mother wants to sell his late father’s Datsun, he decides to take the car on an eventful last tour of their native New Zealand with his best friend and little brother.


Tatbiq 2bTATBIQ / Adjustment]
Mehrdad Hassani
Iran 2021 – 17 min
Live Action
9-year-old Shahrokh is ostracised by family and friends, just for painting his nails. Alas, instead of conforming to their expectations, he rebels, outing himself.


Steffen Köhn
Deutschland 2021 – 16:30 min
Live Action / Experimental
Delivery service uprising
The employees of various delivery services become connected globally via an online pizza delivery simulator. Using the chat function, they share their experiences and secretly plan a boycott.


Jessica Wright, Morgann Runacre-Temple
England 2021 – 14 min
Live Action
Ballerina ecstasy
When legendary ballerina Marie Taglioni, the first woman to dance on her tiptoes, went into retirement, her ballet slippers were bought by a fan, cooked at a lavish dinner party and served to guests.


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