Crazy World

Shorts Attack in April

10 films in 85 minutes


The programme:

Axel Courtière
France • 2014
2:30 min
Animation without dialogue
The big bang between comic and pop art: Live is colourful, full of energy, filled with sound and very crazy.


Aleksander Olai Korsnes
Norway • 2015
15 min
Short Fiction – engl. UT
Border adventure
Fishing on a river separating Norway and the USSR, Bjørnar tries to reel in a prize salmon. What begins as a fish story, quickly becomes a Cold War conflict.


Mario and the Magician2MARIO AND THE MAGICIAN
Michaela Pavlátová
Czech Republic • 2014
5 min
Animation without dialogue
Political grotesque
Inspired by Thomas Mann‘s novella – when a magician comes to town, people begin to see things differently.


Pulsion SngrientabSANGUINE CRAVING
Gerard Tusquelles
Spain • 2015
13 min
Short Fiction – engl. UT
Killer comedy
Coming out is a complicated affair when you’re the young offspring of a family that specializes in murdering women.


life-smartphone-video-1000x667LIVE SMARTPHONE
Cheng Lin Xie
China • 2015
3 min
Animation without dialogue
Mobile animation
Smartphones have become constant companions. Selfie here, selfie there. Failing to take one’s eyes off the display however, can prove to be fatal.


nie_solo_seinNIE SOLO SEIN
Jan Schomburg
England / Germany / Switzerland • 2003
10 min
Short Fiction – german
Time thriller
One morning Max wakes up in a place where time runs backwards. Will he find his way through this strange world?


Jossie Malis
Spain • 2014
12 min
Animation without dialogue
Alien Action
On a quest to find untouched nature, an extraterrestrial gets caught in the crossfire. Nothing is left for him to do but to wait.


Ben Goloff
Canada • 2015
4:30 min
Short Fiction – english
Desert epos
Prince Moses Odiaka III of the Nigerian royal family must run for his life. He desperately needs help from foreign parts. Will anyone hear his cry for help?


Matus Vizár
Slovakia • 2013
11:30 min
Animation without dialogue
Panda thriller
They are the product of millions of generations before them, left all alone in the forest to fend for themselves. Until the day they are discovered.


buyordie2bBUY OR DIE
Ulric Leprovost
France • 2014
3 min
Animation – english
Consumer trick
A helmet that protects its wearer from terrorists needs no sales pitch, cause it basicly delivers a lot ot fun.


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