Cannes Competition Shorts – english

Shorts Attack in May 2024

6 films in 80 minutes – with German subtitles

Longing & Reality: The 6 films from the short film competition of the 2023 Cannes Festival celebrate female fantasies and shed light on aspects of global reality. The animation „27 (Vingt-sept)“ won the Palme d’Or.

The program:

Far2FÁR (Intrusion)
Gunnur Martinsdóttir Schlüter
Island 2023
Live Action – 5 min
Decision pressure
At a downtown café, three business colleagues are discussing a future investment opportunity when a seagull hits the cafe’s window right in front of them. Anna, one of the colleagues, tries to ignore the event.


27_STILL_005b27 (Vingt-sept)
Flóra Anna Buda
Hungary, France 2023
Animation – 10:30 min
Erotic liberation
Living with her mom again, 27-year-old Alice is preoccupied by the fact that she can’t express her sexuality fully, and brings the issue up with her friends too.


AEDN_230113_POSTPRODUCTION_230303_FULL.01_06_44_06.Imagen fija013bEVENT THOUGH IT´S NIGHT
Guillermo García López
France / Spain
Live Action – 16 min
Urban Reality
La Cañada, Europe’s largest slum on the outskirts of Madrid: In the firelight, among Roma legends of a possible future, a 13-year-old boy, discovers that his best friend Nasser is leaving forever.


la-perra-Carla-Melo-Gampert2THE BITCH (La Perra)
Carla Melo Gampert
Columbia / France
14 min
A daughter, a mother and a dog. About being a bitch, being a woman and the wild diversions of life. This is wild!


5_AS-IT-WAS_Damian-Kocur_©ExaStudio2AS IT WAS
Anastasiia Solonevych, Damian Kocur
Poland / Ukraine 2023
Live Action – 15:30 min
War processing
After a year in Berlin, Lera heads back to her hometown Kyiv for Christmas. There, she experiences first-hand the new everyday life during wartime with old friends and family.


Francis Canitrot
France 2023
Animation – 14 min
Obsession with sex
Eli lives with Marie, his strong-willed mother. Nostalgic for an unbridled youth, “the sex” is an obsession with the old lady. Intrusive, she would like her son to have the same sexual fulfillment as her.


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