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Shorts Attack im Oktober

9 films in 85 minutes



The program:

tomorrowTOMORROW (GPS)
Abe Forsythe
Australia 2010
1 min
Live Action – engl.
Navigations help
You’re sitting in the car, your mother is calling and the navigation system wants to know everything better and to get you off the road.


Claudius Gentinetta
Switzerland 2018
4 min
Animation – no dialoge
Handy ekstasy
SELFIES is a freworks display of grinning people who lose themselves in the abysses of human existence. A selfe race around the world.


Call of ComfortCALL OF COMFORT
Brenda Lien
Germany 2018
9 min
Live Action– engl. mit dt. UT
Internet trap
ASMR videos for the audience in a comfortable screening room of a movie theater. But then all of a sudden there’s hot wax.


Bernhard Weber, Maria Hinterkoerner
Austria 2018
12 min
Live Action– deutsch
Alexa comedy
After a defective update of her personal assistant robot Synthia, architect  Pez ignores the technician’s advice.


Jonathan Behr
Germany 2018
10 min
Kurzspielfilm – deutsch
Instagram panic
A young woman is looking at her cellphone while she babysits. She panics when a stranger suddenly starts following her on Instagram and posts pictures of her.


Frederic Doazan
6:30 min
Animation – ohne Dialoge
Book mutation
Writings in the wake of the digital: Letters I transform signs and codes and new realities emerge.


i-know-you-from-somewhereI KNOW YOU FROM SOMEWHERE
Andrew Fitzgerald
15 min
Live Action – engl. m. dt. UT
Shitstorm drama
A young woman incurs the wrath of the internet after she inadvertently becomes a viral sensation.


Best-Game-Ever-1bBEST GAME EVER
Kristóf Deák
Hungary 2018
20 min
Live Action – engl. m. dt. UT
Avoid control!
If machines are going to replace people in their jobs, then they have to resort to creative means in order to prevent it from happening.


Iván Sáinz-Pardo
Spain / Germany
3:30 min
Live Action – deutsch
Pizza service grotesque
Only brockoli in the fridge. So better call the pizza service and order something – surprise guaranteed!


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