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Shorts Attack in July

12 films in 85 minutes


The programme:

Fish shot 1bAIN´T NO FISH
Michael Cash
England 2013
Animation engl.
3:30 min
Fish dance
Both funny and macabre, seals deliriously sing of overfishing, the destruction of ocean habitat and the necessity to save the species.


oh_my_dog-01bOH MY DOG!
Chloé Alliez
Belgium 2013
Short Fiction / Animation without dialogue
6:30 min
Dog show
A talent show for dogs: enter Sweetheart! Make it better than the other dogs. You are the best, you are my sweetheard!


Sweet Rabbit1bSWEET RABBIT
Camiel Schouwenaar
Short Fiction germ. ST.
13:30 min
A woman is changing into a rabbit and finds her true self. This reality is not all easy to handle.


marcel-king-of-tervuren-03bMARCEL; KING O TERVUREN
Tom Schroeder
Animation engl.
6 min
Cock adventure –
The trials and tribulations of a Belgian rooster. He noisy and needs to get drunk. But vanishes.


Nature House Inc-00bNATURE HOUSE INC.
Nick Jordan
England 2013
Documentary without dialogue
6 min
Bird house paradies
One small American town boasts the highest number of dwellings for Purple Martins, but ‚America’s Most Wanted Bird‘ is still hard to find.


Pascal Floerks
Germany 2014
Documentaryfilm engl ST. – 8 min
Animal grandpa
My grandpa always carried his past around with him, but he hardly ever spoke of it. Only now, looking back on his life, I am truly aware of the weight of his legacy.


Esteban Perles
Spain 2014
Animation without dialogue
4 min
Monkey camp
Drawing inspiration from the old westerns and film noir, this short-clip tells a story of a group of monkeys with very human mannerisms.


edmond_etait-un-ane_LG_1bEDMOND WAS A DONKEY
Franck Dion
France 2012
Animation without dialogue
15 min
To be a donkey or not to be
When Edmond’s co-workers crown him with paper donkey ears, he finally discovers his true identity. But those around him aren’t exactly understanding…


aliceintheskyALICE IN THE SKY
Jonas Meier, Mike Raths
Switzerland 2012
Experimental without dialogue
5 min
Animal dance
Animals owned by humans are tame and isolated … or are they? In fact they have party, close to the forest.


Joni Männistö
Finland 2011
Animation without dialogue
7:30 min
Killer film
A child discovers life inside a dead bird and starts to play with it. Stupid child: Bugs are not stupid, but hungry!


Chaud_lapin_cbCHAUD LAPIN
Alexis Magaud u.a.
France 2014
Animation without dialogue
5:30 min
Intersexual comedy
Just your common love story … There´s a third one in the kitchen and the stupid in the kitchen guy does not realise anything.


GuarddogbGUARD DOG
Bill Plympton
USA 2004
Animation without Dialogue
Dor desaster
An unusual guard dog takes his job too serious! Why do dogs bark at such innocent creatures as pigeons and squirrels?


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