Action Kids – english

Shorts Attack in January 2022

7 films in 85 minutes


The program:

Henrike Rothe
Germany 2020 – 4 min
Kid´s Action
Here’s a catchy earworm worth remembering! A music video and declaration of protest that speaks for all the young voices who don’t want to grow up on a wrecked and contaminated planet.


Kofi-and-Lartey-2bKOFI & LARTEY
Sasha Rainbow
England / Ghana 2019 – 19 min
Work or School
This documentary shows the life of the two Ghanaian boys Kofi and Lartey in their home – a village on the edge of a vast dump for electronic waste.


Ilias el Faris Dupuis
France / Morocco 2019 – 9 min
Live Action
Kuss am Strand
On the beach of Casablanca, two teenagers‘ desire for one another grows under the watchful eyes of patrolling policemen. The lifeguard saves a ball from the waves.


Patty Stenger, Yvonne Kroese
Netherlands 2020 – 8:30 min
When no one sees you, you seem to disappear. It’s only when you fall that you seem to belong – but only for a moment. A child in search of recognition from its mother.


Emma Miranda Moore
England 2020 – 13 min
Live Action
Suffering together
Charlie dreams of being a big man, strong enough to defend himself against his older brother. He befriends Lisa. The two have a special bond and make one another stronger.


gronde-marmaille_bRAIN, RAIN, RUN AWAY
Clémentine Carrié
France 2019
14:30 min
Live Action
Making Rain
On a camping holiday with distracted parents, Boubou finds out that boredome can lead to the most exciting adventures of all.


Affair-joanna_quinn_aota_bAFFAIRS OF THE ART
Joanna Quinn
Canada / England 2021 –  16:30 min
Animation – english & dt. UT
A wild Family
Beryl is annoyed and depressed. For years, the worker has been recording the everyday obsessions of her eccentric family in drawings.


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