Work & Ecstasy

Shorts Attack in April 2023

8 films in 82 minutes


This could turn out to be a good one: People are staged at a vernissage, a hotline worker wants to outsmart the AI and a woman from the country looks for work in the city with a chicken. Furthermore, a young woman tries her hand in a beauty salon, the development of mankind and perfection are reflected, in Myanmar construction is going on diligently and waiters and waitresses serve their guests with panache.

english111The Program:

Toby Auberg
England 2019
3:30 min
Human developement
Human constructs: A vertical living and working space which traces the evolution from raw survival to the alienation of late capitalism.


Leyla Coll-O’Reilly
Scotland 2022
17 min
Live Action
The first job
Groom portrays a young school dropout, who is working a trial shift at a beauty salon, in a story about consent, puberty and sexual desire.


Ewa Smyk
England 2021
10 min
New job in town
Full of enthusiasm, a young artist wants to start a new life in the big city. Alas, her memories keep taking her back to her rural roots.


adayswork2A DAY´S WORK
Max Kerkhoff
Germany / Myanmar 2021
13 min
Road work
Members of a road work crew toil away. In a country torn by civil war, their co-operation is one of many steps on the path to peace and democracy.


Adrian Jaffé
Germany 2022
3 min
All blocks move to the rhythm until one steps out of line. This metaphorical piece shows how traditional masculinity restricts personal development.


Le mobilier 1bTHE FURNITURE
Mehdi Pierret
Belgium 2021
16 min
Live Action
An art gallery organises an opening featuring several artistic performances. The cleaning lady is unable to grasp the meaning behind all this and gets irritated.


Joanny Causse
France / USA 2021
15 min
Live Action
While monitoring calls at an AI companionship service, customer support agent Leah impersonates an artificial dream girl to chat with a caller.


Jessica Wright, Morgann Runacre-Temple
Scotland 2019
4:30 min
Live Action
An abstract dining hall is the backdrop for the Scottish Ballet. It teamed up to choreograph Anna Meredith’s „Nautilus“, featuring 26 dancers.


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