Wo die Liebe hinfällt (engl.)

Shorts Attack – March 2012

german version

Surprise! Full of pitfalls and delightfully unpredictable, reacquaint yourself with the many facets of love on this voyage into amorous adventure: Delight in stories that go all the way, at least in terms of passion!

Love often falls flat on its face. Literally. Casanova receives a dose of shock treatment (Der Aufreißer), gay revellers celebrate a straight guy (Flamingo Pride), births prove to be a test of love (Born and Raised), coming out has always been an exciting subject and loneliness doesn’t have to lead to grieving (Hopp).
Whether you find it in the supermarkt (Discount Love), next door (Sugar & Murmurs) or simply need to find a suitable breeding partner (Handstand), love is constantly on trial and when it’s good, it’s simply awesome!


Jojo Enßlin, Sandra Pauls, Ralf Beckert, Deutschland 1997, Kurzspielfilm, 4 min
[ Supermarket romance ]
Love at first sight between a customer and a supermarket pricer. Their love is so exuberant that it requires an excessive illustrative increase.


Steffen Weinert, Deutschland 2006, Kurzspielfilm, 13 min
[ Casanova comedy ]
Olli was only after a bit of noncommittal sex. But as he tries to sneak away afterwards he chances upon his date’s 6 year old daughter and receives a lecture to remember.


Magne Pettersen, Norwegen 2005, Kurzspielfilm, 10 min
[ Suicide grotesque ]
Torbjørn lives beneath a bridge that is a popular site for suicides. Annoyed by countless sleepless nights he finally decides to do something to change the situation.


Malika Whitaker, Frankreich 2010, Animation, 4 min
[ Women power ]
An action-packed animation about the fear of attachment in relationships. Does she? Or does she not?



Tamer Ruggli, Schweiz 2010, Kurzspielfilm, 15:30 min
[ Furtive passion ]
Jérémie is a shy teenager who keeps his homosexuality secret. Between the crush he has on Damien and the antics of his loving but over-the-top mother, Jérémie tries to find his way in the world.


Jeroen Annokkée, Holland 2010, Kurzspielfilm, 7:30 min
[ Fate film ]
Bert’s scantily dressed neighbour comes by to borrow a cup of sugar. When she lets the cup slip and they both try to catch it, destiny strikes.



Alexandre Labbé, Kanada 2010 / Kurzspielfilm, 18 min
[ Neighbourhood watch ]
He goes to work, comes home and spends his evenings alone with puzzles. A woman lives next door. She listens to music. The music appeals to him…


Ruth Olshan, Deutschland 2001, Kurzspielfilm, 7:30 min
[ Reproduction film ]
A plush room in a run down hotel. Those who come here usually just have one thing on their minds, something to hide or no money. Annelie however, has a date with the man of her life.


Eelko Ferwerda, Holland 2009, Kurzspielfilm, 3:30 min
[ Melodic parable ]
Preparations are underway. Elsa and Bo are expecting their first child. While Elsa decorates the baby’s room, Bo composes a piece of music.



Tomer Eshed, Deutschland 2011, Animation, 6 min
[ Wild hetero love story ]
A heterosexual flamingo’s desperate attempt to find love.




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