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Shorts Attack in july

9 films in 90 minutes.


The programme:

Mauro Carraro
Switzerland / Italy • 2014
Animation – without dialogue
5:30 min
The sun comes up: He plays Cello by the sea to welcome a wonderful morning. Let´s jump the water!


Thelastbus3bTHE LAST BUS / Posledný Autobus
Martin Snopek, Ivana Laucíková
Slovakia • 2011
14:30 min
Short Fiction, Animation – engl. ST
Animal journey
Forest animals flee by bus before the start of the hunting season. And they get  lots of troubles by themselves.


Zsuzsanna Kreif, Borbála Zétényi
Hungary / France • 2014
Animation – without dialogue
16:30 min
When men start paying more attention to their electronic toys than to their fellow humans, women start getting in line for the Limbo Limbo bus…


Alien2bALIEN / Cizinec
Martin Máj
Czech Republic • 2013
Animation – without dialogue
7:30 min
Tourist adventure
A short animated comedy about travelling to foreign countries. Leave the airplane and get lost. And make some pictures!


Les_verdines_d'Antoine2ANTOINE´S VARDOS / Les verdines d’Antoine
Collectif Camera-etc
Belgium • 2015
Animation, Documentary – engl. ST
18:30 min
Antoine was born into Romani culture. Today he builds artfully embellished, old-style caravan wagons in miniature. The portrait of a rich past.


Fluorescent Hill, Mark lomond
Canada • 2014
Animation, Experimental, Short Fiction – without dialogue – 6 min
With a retro look and in documentary style, the migration patterns of a very special species are examined here.


D40_still_2bDAY 40
Sol Friedman
Canada • 2014
Animation – engl.
6 min
Animal future
The tale of Noah’s ark unmasked? A darkly humorous new approach to an old story between man an animal. – And: see the future!


Sue Dunham
England • 2015
Animation – without dialogue
4 min
Paddle fun
Klementhro may not have it all, but at least he has his paddle. A cautionary tale to tell us: be careful and have fun!


Jossie Malis
Spain • 2012
Animation – without dialogue
10 min
The epic journey of a specialist in fossil fuels, or human history retold. Start in the past to reach the future.


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